Online Series Monitoring in Turkey

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Online Series Monitoring in Turkey

As in all the world and in Turkey continues to show an increase in the number of online movie watching and great rates. We prefer to use different platforms such as Netflix, Blutv, PuhuTv, beIN CONNECT, Turkcell TV, Exxen and Gain instead of watching TV content that continues for hours.

So, how are the awareness rates in our country? According to research, 8 out of 10 people know Netflix in our country. It can be shown as the platform with the highest awareness and usability among young consumers. Thanks to its content quality and easy interface design, it looks innovative, rich in content and prestigious. Other advantages of Netflix are that it offers ad-free streaming after subscription, and offers many subtitle selections.

BluTV, on the other hand, is a local platform and produces original content in Turkish. We can find some foreign TV series and old TV series we like in high quality. Its advantages are taken into consideration, as it is compatible with mobile platforms and provides ad-free streaming with subscription. Recently, contents such as Saygi, Yarim Kalan Asklar, Alef and Aynen Aynen are on the agenda and we can easily access high quality productions.

PuhuTV is a completely free platform and one of the first applications to develop digital content locally with the "Fi" series, and "Sahsiyet" was on the agenda for a long time. You can watch most of the content on TV and many old series in HD.

BeIN CONNECT is often preferred for football and other sports. Keeping cinema and TV series channels in a wide range, using them on mobile devices and having subtitle options in broadcasts also provides a great advantage. The biggest disadvantage is that the main membership requirement is high and the archive system is not very developed. But it has managed to become an indispensable platform for sports enthusiasts.