Our studio and creative space for advertising projects and photo shoots. We have brought together experienced professionals and reliable equipment to produce visual content in a studio environment. Four large-scale cycloramas, pavilions with interiors and studios for subject shooting.

Digital Capture

We have advanced medium-format digital systems: digital backs, cameras, lenses and accessories
plus the option to use the services of our Certified Digital Technicians.

Most Modern DSLR
Digital Camera Systems

We have brought together the best lenses and camera equipment to ensure maximum quality in photography and video shooting. Canon, Fuji, Sony, Scheneider, Samyang, Sigma, Tamron, Pentax...


We offer a wide range of products from Swedish manufacturer Profoto:
flash equipment, continuous light and all types of light modifiers. Other options available.

The Most Advanced
Post-Production Equipment

From powerful generators (Pro-8a and Pro-b4), heads (ProHead Plus and Pro-B Head Plus) to much lighter portable products such as the modern OCF line. Check our catalogue where you will also find Giant reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes…


We offer a large variety of in-stock backdrops that are made of different materials and we provide a highly-skilled service of set building and custom backdrop creation. Avalon Studios also works with companies specialized in furniture rental.

Production Services

The Last Touch… Avalon offers up-to-date and high quality post production services with its specialized team and equipment of international standards.